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Build a Nursing Career with an LPN Degree

Aspiring licensed practical nurses (LPNs) researching LPN programs. Our Modern Nursing Review Institute offers a LPN program that prepares students for the LPN exam. Students enroll in LPN classes that cover nursing theory. Fundamentals of nursing, child and adult care, pharmacology, professional nursing concepts, and maternity care are among the topics covered.

  • Explore the Nursing Field
  • Path to Advancement
  • Serve the Home Healthcare Services
  • Quicker and less expensive in the nursing field

Enrollment Requirements of LPN Programs

You must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent (a diploma, HSED, or GED), and you must also satisfy the following requirements based on your cumulative GPA to be eligible for admission to the Practical Nursing program: 3.50–4.00

Working as an LPN, your duties may include:
  • Taking patient vital signs and histories
  • Changing bandages, inserting IVs or catheters
  • Maintaining and updating patient records
  • Ensuring patients' comfort for example, by helping them bathe
  • Listening to patients' concerns
Enrollment requirements of LPN Programs